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It’s no secret that finding the time and energy to workout on a regular basis can be a struggle. From a full day of work, to getting kids on the school bus, our lives are busier than ever! You may be wondering, “When exactly is the best time to workout? Is it more beneficial to exercise morning, afternoon, or night?” Each of these time slots have various benefits and drawbacks. 

Check out the options of workout times below, and discover which one may be the best for your schedule: 

  1. Morning Workouts: The morning time can be difficult to get your body up and moving. However, this time of day is actually optimal for burning fat, especially on an empty stomach, because your body is more likely to pull from fat reserves to produce energy. Additionally, working out in the morning can lead to less of an appetite and fast metabolism throughout the day. Plus, working out in the morning gets your brain ready to start the day!
  2. Afternoon Workouts: You may be thinking by now, “There’s no reason why I shouldn’t be working out in the morning if it leads to more fat burn and better mental health”. However, note that working out in the afternoon has its separate benefits. One being that, your performance may be better due to having more energy from eating during the day. In addition, studies show physical activity between 1 – 4 PM can allow you to refocus your attention to specific tasks and avoid the afternoon “slump”. 
  3. Night Workouts: For many people, working at night is the most convenient time due to work or other day priorities. There is a common misconception that working out at night time can prevent you from falling asleep more easily. However, as long as you’re not exercising, showering and jumping right into bed, then it shouldn’t interfere with your sleep patterns. In fact, light exercise like yoga can often enhance your ability to sleep better at night. 

It’s evident that each time of day (morning, afternoon and night) have their benefits and draw-backs. However, as long as you’re finding at least 30 minutes for physical activity each day, you are on the right track to a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about getting exercise into your daily routine, contact us today at 502-890-9979. 

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