Services and fees



Enrollment Fee $75 (single adult/child/corporate membership); $125 (family membership)

Monthly Fee

-Child (0-19 y/o) with at least 1 adult membership $20

-Child (0-19 y/o) without adult membership $35

-Adults (20-44 y/o) $55

-Adults (45-64 y/o) $80

-Adults (65 y/o and over) $100

-Families (includes 2 adults and up to 4 children 0-19 y/o) $185 maximum

-Corporate (regardless of age) $50


Included in membership exam:

-Up to 5 visits per month (office or technology visits)*

-Same day and next day appointment scheduling

-Prevention and treatment of acute/chronic conditions by treating the whole person

-Annual physical exam and recommended screening labs

-Sports physicals

-CDL physicals

-Expand access to Dr. Manire


-Ambulatory Blood Pressure Testing

-Spirometry and exhale nitric oxide testing

-Skin biopsy (punch, shave, and excision)

-Skin tag removal


-Simple laceration repair

-Trigger point injections

-Dry needling

-Steroid joint injections


-Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) all techniques including myofascial release and stretch therapy


-In grown toe nail removal

-Incision and debridement

-Ear wax removal

-Foreign body removal

-Continuous Glucose Monitoring Testing

-Rapid flu test

-Rapid strep test

-Rapid mononucleosis test

-Urinary analysis

*There will be an additional fee for more than 5 visits in a month.

Not included in membership but only available to members: (discussed with you in advance)

-Whole sale diagnostic labs

-Whole sale imaging

-Whole sale generic medication (in office)

-Pathology cost associated with skin biopsies and PAP smears

-Allergy test skin testing and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) aka allergy drops

-Home and work place visit negotiated for an additional fee

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