Office Hours: M, Tu, Th 9 – 5; W 9 – 3; F 9 – 1; 3rd Sat 9 – noon



Monthly Membership Options

Child (0-19)

with adult $30
without adult $45

Adults (20-44)


Adults (45-64)


Adults (65 and oler)


Families (up to 2 adults, up to 4 children (0-19)

$195 maximum



Enrollment Fees:

Child/Single Adult/Employees $85

Family $135


Included in Membership:

-Up to 5 visits per month (office or technology visits)*

-Same day and next day appointment scheduling (after onboarding is completed)

-Prevention and treatment of acute/chronic conditions by treating the whole person

-Annual physical exam and recommended screening labs

– LGBTQ Health

-Sports physicals

-CDL physicals

-Expand access to Dr. Manire


-Ambulatory Blood Pressure Testing

-Spirometry and exhaled nitric oxide testing

-Skin biopsy (punch, shave, and excision)

-Skin tag removal


-Simple laceration repair

-Trigger point injections

-Dry needling

-Steroid joint injections


Extracorporeal Pulse Wave Therapy (EPWT)

-Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) all techniques including myofascial release and stretch therapy

-Ultrasound Therapy and/or eStim (TENS)




-In grown toe nail removal

-Incision and debridement

-Ear wax removal

-Foreign body removal

-Continuous Glucose Monitoring Testing

-Rapid flu test

-Rapid strep test

-Rapid mononucleosis test

-Urinary analysis

*There will be an additional fee for more than 5 visits in a month.

Available to Members Only (Cost Not Included in Monthly Membership Fee)

– Weight Loss Treatments

-COVID 19 Neutralizing Antibody Panel (Provista Diagnostics cPass test)

-Wholesale diagnostic labs

-Wholesale imaging

-Whole sale generic medication (in office)

-Pathology cost associated with skin biopsies and PAP smears

-Allergy test skin testing and sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) aka allergy drops

-Home and work place visit negotiated for an additional fee

-In-office x-rays and ultrasounds

-Pharmacogenomic testing

-Genetic Testing

Service Fees for Non-Members of Our Family Direct Primary Care*

*Prices Subject to change

General Services

Office Visit – $85. 00 for 30 minutes (minimum) second priority in scheduling

Complete Physical Exam and Recommended Screening Labs $285.00

Commercial Driver’s License Exam Initial Visit $75.00; Follow Up Visit $45.00

School Physicals $45.00

Sports Physicals (pediatric) $35.00; (adult) $60.00

Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Tests

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring $175.00 (deposit required)

EKG $45.00

Niox (Nitrogen Oxide) Test for Asthma $85.00

Pulmonary Function Test (with bronchodilator) $100.00

Diabetes Testing

Continuous Glucose Monitoring for 10 days $250.00 (deposit required)

Hearing & Vision

Audiogram (screening test) $75.00

Vision Test (simple) $55.00


Minor Skin, Ear, and Toe Procedures

Skin Biopsy (shave, punch, excision) $50.00 per area (does not include pathology)

Skin Cryotherapy $50.00 per area

Skin Tag Removal $50.00 (1-5); $75.00 (6-10), $100.00 (11-15), (more than 15 priced per person)

Incision and Drainage (simple) $100.00 per area

Laceration Repair (simple) $85.00 per area

Ear Wax Removal (both ears) (simple) $20.00; (complex) $ 35.00

Ingrown Toenail Removal $85.00 per toe

Musculoskeletal Treatments

Acupuncture/Acupressure $85.00 per area

Athletic Taping $45.00 per area

Dry Needling $85.00 per area

Extracorporeal Pulse Wave Therapy (EPWT) click here for pricing information.

Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment (includes fascial therapy, soft tissue release) $85.00 per 30 minutes

Prolotherapy (traditional dextrose, lidocaine, Vitamin B12) $65.00 per session per area

Steroid Joint Injections $65.00 per joint

Trigger Point Injections $65.00 per area

Ultrasound Therapy and/or eStim (TENS) $85.00

Iontophoresis or Phonophoresis $100


Rapid Flu, Strep, or Mono Test $20.00/$15.00/$25.00

Throat Culture $15.00

Urine Test (simple) $5.00

Any Lab or Imaging Service can be quoted

Office Hours

Monday 9AM-5PM

Tuesday 9AM-5PM

Wednesday 9AM-5PM

Thursday 9AM-5PM

Friday 9AM-1PM

Closed Saturday & Sunday


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