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As many schools are still conducting online, virtual learning (or part-time e-learning), kids are potentially missing an important time of day – recess. And P.E. for that matter, but most importantly, our kids may not be getting the exercise they need when at home and not attending school.

Parents should implement the allotted time kids would normally have recess or gym class. Our Family Direct Primary Care has some tips to help keep kids active during virtual learning.

Indoor Activities:

  • Have a Dance Party – let your child be the DJ and have a quick dance party in-between class time.
  • Break-Up Sitting Time – Plan an instant recess and have your child engage in a quick, light exercise like jumping jacks, squats, pushups, sit-ups, marching in place, or hula hoop.
  • Exercise Video – there are many free exercise videos on YouTube, so if you’re struggling for any ideas, put on a kid friendly exercise video and let the instructor do the work.
  • Color Hunt – Hide colorful objects around the house and have your kids bring back an item with the color you name.

Louisville still has some time before the temperature drops (and we don’t want to be outside) so let’s take advantage of the fall weather and get outdoors!

Outdoor Activities:

  • Go for a Walk or Run
  • Get Out the Wheels – Get out the bike, scooter or roller blades and ride through the neighborhood or empty parking lot.
  • Practice Drills – If your child is missing out on their favorite sport during this time, set-up practice drills they will enjoy. Shooting basketball, kicking a soccer ball, tossing a football, throwing a baseball, or practicing whatever sport they play.
  • Explore the Trails or Local Park – Nature can help relieve stress, explore a new trail nearby!

The current physical activity guidelines for Americans states that children should get at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous aerobic physical activity each day for good physical and mental health. Getting kids active does not have to be hard work, it can be a fun activity for the whole family.

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