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As Kentucky and the entire country continue to practice social distancing due to Covid-19, the pandemic is likely to take a toll on our mental health. Humans are social beings and thrive on social interactions – but now as businesses, schools, restaurants and all events are closing we are forced to limit those social interactions. We want to offer a few tips to help with mental health as we navigate through a new time in our life.

Take a Break from News Coverage

While we’re all at home, it’s hard to turn away from the news of Covid-19 – it’s on the TV, on social media, and seems to be the discussion of every conversation. It’s important to stay informed, but to also limit the amount of information we are taking in. Also be sure you are receiving factual information and not opinion-based information. Set limits – maybe that is 30 minutes in the morning of your local TV station and then portions of the daily news conference given by Governor Beshear or the President in the evening.

Connect with Others

You are most likely at home with your family, spouse or parents – however it’s important to stay connected to those you normally would such as friends, networking groups, classmates and more. You can do this by scheduling FaceTime calls, Zoom meetings or just phone conversations to keep in touch. Ask others how they have been and in turn you can speak about your own experiences – your mental health will thank you. Host a game night with your group of friends via Zoom or just a causal happy hour while you pour your favorite drink and virtually chat.

Make Time for You and Unwind

All we have right now is time – so be sure you are making the time for yourself outside of work and family duties. Our normal day-to-day routines have been completely turned upside down and that can cause stress (rightfully so). Before we were asked to stay home we had time to ourselves whether that was the commute to/from work, errands to run, or the gym. Pick up a new book, play a video game, finish a Netflix series, or start a new house project – something that is only for you and can distract you from the stressors of this new ‘normal’.

If you have any concerns of Covid-19 symptoms please reach out to us today at 502-890-9979.

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